Russia abandoned military aviation in Donbass: what’s going on

Россия бросила боевую авиацию на Донбасс: что происходит

In the seaside area of the front Operations of the combined forces in the Donbass in the sky said Russian combat aircraft.

Planes pass over the barges of dry cargo, sometimes accompanied by helicopter. It happens that high in the sky aircraft built something like this on a combat unit. And it happens that the aircraft did not have time to lay a curve over the sea and perform a maneuver on the Ukrainian land.

The activity of the Russians in the sky, watching the last four days. “They circle in a circle, reach somewhere in the distance of 5 km from the Ukrainian border, go along the Ukrainian border without crossing it, in the sea, make a u-turn and go in a circle,” – said the Deputy commander of OOS on aviation and air defense Dmitry Karpenko.

In the command say that maneuvered the Russian Il-20 and A-50. At the same time assure that airspace do not overlap.