Russia and Serbia accused NATO of increasing tensions in Kosovo

Россия и Сербия обвинили НАТО из-за роста напряжения в Косово

The Russian Federation and its ally Serbia accused NATO and the European Union in the growth of tension in Kosovo. On the eve of the Kosovo police conducted raids in the Northern region, home to mainly Serb population.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that the incident with the Kosovo police was provoked by “those who want to create a sanitary border between the Balkans and Russia,” and who “wants to push NATO,” writes the Associated Press.

Lavrov believes that NATO and EU control authorities in Kosovo.

What kind of incident is it? On Tuesday, may 28, the special Kosovo police “stormed” in Northern Kosovo. During the RAID, police arrested more than two dozen people, including the Russian UN employee. Several people from both sides were injured during the collision.

This operation angered Serbia. Therefore, the country immediately led his army in full combat readiness. It is important that any Serbian military invasion of Kosovo could lead to confrontation with the peacekeepers under the auspices of NATO.

Why the conflict between Kosovo and Serbia broke out with new force?14 Dec Kosovo’s Parliament in the second reading adopted the draft law on the Ministry of defence. The deputies also voted for a bill providing for the transformation of security Forces into a full army. The third bill regulates the service in the armed forces of Kosovo. All three bills on December 28 signed by the leader of Kosovo Hashim Thaci.

Serbia outraged – there are considering different possible actions in response to the creation of Kosovo’s own army. A likely possibility is the Declaration of Kosovo an occupied territory or military intervention. By the way, in Kosovo itself, the process of creating its own army, the historic and irreversible. There’s also a claim that this decision is lawful and does not violate constitutional norms.