Russia and Ukraine should be unified – the former coach of Karpaty

Россия и Украина должны быть едины, – экс-тренер "Карпат"

The head coach Moscow “Spartaka” Oleg Kononov told about what talked with the defender of “Zenit” Ukrainian Yaroslav Rakitskiy after the match of the 20th round of the Russian Premier League.

The meeting was held in Moscow at the stadium “Open arena”, ended with the score 1:1.

What spoke Rakitskiy? Said he was glad to see him at Zenit and Russia. Wished him a good career, that was in Russia as at home. Russia and Ukraine must be United,
– quoted Kononov “championship”.

We will note that Oleg Kononov is the Belarusian coach, who is known for his work with FC Karpaty Lviv (2008-2011). Kononov remembered that put Karpaty in the UEFA Cup (now Europa League). In 2011, Kononov was awarded the mayor of Lviv “honour of St. George” for outstanding service to the city.

In 2013 Belarusians working in Russia. First, he was the head of “Krasnodar”, then “Ahmad”, “Arsenal” (Tula) and “Spartak” Moscow.

What’s wrong with the transition Yaroslav Rakitskiy in the Russian “Zenit”? Yaroslav Rakitskiy went to the Russian “Zenith” on Monday, January 28. According to media reports, the club from St. Petersburg paid for the 29-year-old defender, 12 million euros. The contract term is 3.5 years.

Such a transfer caused a mixed reaction among fans. The reason is the transition in the Russian club. At the same time that Rakitskiy never mentioned the special patriotism. He remembered that he never sang the anthem of Ukraine during the matches of the national team.

After the annexation of Crimea and war in Donbass in the Ukrainian team try not to call the players who play in Russia.

Former head coach of Ukraine, and now head of the committees of the national teams of FFU Myron Markevych has named the transition Rakitskiy in the “Zenith” mistake.

Not less than critics of such a transition and have led to the well-known leader and journalist Igor Tsiganyk.

He Rakitskiy said that “the Russian championship is now on the head or even two more than the Ukrainian. Ukrainian League is very weak and not very interesting.”

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