Russia at the talks in the Normandy format in Berlin demanded significant concessions from Ukraine – media

Россия на переговорах в нормандском формате в Берлине требовала значительных уступок от Украины - СМИ

At talks on the conflict in Ukraine, Moscow insists on a speedy the legal registration status of the separatist regions. This follows from the working paper of the Russian delegation, who arrived in Berlin for talks with political advisers in the Normandy format, announced the publication of Der Spiegel.

An unofficial list of requirements received by the publication from circles close to the government of the Russian Federation.

So, one of the points requires that Ukraine no later than 6 July presented to the contact group talks in Minsk, the project of amendments to the Constitution relating to the status ORDO. In addition, Russia wants Kiev has stepped up efforts to implement the so-called formula Steinmeier, which provides that the areas controlled by separatists, will automatically receive permanent special status, if the OSCE recognizes local elections in this territory free and fair.

Also, according to the Russian negotiators, Ukraine needs “without conditions” by 6 July to make a list of detained persons, the release of which it demands from the militants. Last commit, in turn, provide a corresponding list of prisoners of Ukrainian prisons.

Negotiations on the settlement of the conflict in the East of Ukraine are conducted in the framework of the trilateral contact group (Ukraine – OSCE – Russia) and “Normandy format” (Ukraine – Germany – France – Russia).

9 Dec 2019, in Paris the first three years of the summit of leaders “Channel four”. In the final communiqué stated that the parties agreed to a ceasefire, the opening of new border crossing points, the exchange of detainees by the formula “all for all” before 31 December 2019, the dilution of forces and resources at three new sites in the Donbass, to extend for a year the law “On special order of local government in certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions” and the extension of the mandate of the special monitoring mission of the OSCE. The agreement has been partly implemented.

July 3, 2020 in Berlin, we met political advisors of the Normandy format countries. Negotiations lasted 11 hours. The Deputy head of the Russian presidential administration Dmitry Kozak has demanded Ukraine “to develop and coordinate with the Donbass” dozens of laws, and also complained that the meeting failed to agree on the so-called special status of the region. In the Office of the President of Ukraine following the meeting, said that Russia “took a break to prepare the response to a consolidated position of Ukraine, France and Germany”..

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