Russia can go to a new conflict against Ukraine because of a lack of water in Crimea – the Jamestown Foundation

РФ может пойти на новый конфликт против Украины из-за нехватки воды в Крыму - Jamestown Foundation

Occupied Crimea is experiencing an acute shortage of fresh water, and in such circumstances, Russia may try to start a new military action against Ukraine, to restore water supply from the Dnieper.

This is stated in the analytic material by the American center for The Jamestown Foundation, reports Radio Liberty.

In particular, the American analysts note that the Kremlin could exploit the fact that the world was distracted by the pandemic coronavirus. And to justify aggression it some “humanitarian” reasons, for example, “the desire to prevent a catastrophe on the Peninsula.”

“The region has supplies of drinking water fell by 60%. Reserves of this important natural resource will be completely exhausted sometime in July or August. The situation poses a serious public health crisis in the Crimea could push Moscow to start a new military action against Ukraine”, – stated in the report by The Jamestown Foundation.

Experts fear that the Kremlin could play in advance. There is a risk that Russia will not wait for a full-scale humanitarian catastrophe in the summer and the new requirements to return the Peninsula to Ukraine. Invaders can on their own to try to break the water blockade of the Crimea.