Russia closes the border due to pandemic

Россия закрывает границу из-за пандемии

On March 30, Russia closes the border due to pandemic coronavirus

March 30 will cease movement through road, rail, pedestrian, river and mixed checkpoints. This is stated in the government decree, published on Saturday, March 28.

According to the decree, signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, Russian border can be crossed only to diplomats, members of official delegations and their families, drivers of cargo transport, the crew and the crews of trains of international railway traffic. In addition, to cross the border of the Russian Federation will be able to residents of the Kaliningrad region in case of official registration in the region and the residents of the so-called “DNR” and “LNR” with Russian passports.

Restrictions will not affect the Russians, leaving the country in connection with the death of a close relative. However, this requires a copy of the certificate or the death certificate and a document which confirms the relationship. The decision of the government did not specify how long these restrictions will apply.

Previously, some regions have imposed restrictions on the movement of citizens to control the spread of coronavirus. So, in Krasnoyarsk region is limited to the departure of citizens for limits of municipalities. In Karelia temporarily suspended operation of public transport. In the Sakhalin region limited the number of flights arriving from the mainland, and all arriving passengers are required to be tested for coronavirus and a two-week quarantine.