Russia declared the withdrawal of the pickups Mercedes-Benz X-Class

В России объявлен отзыв пикапов Mercedes-Benz X-Class

Russia declared the withdrawal of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class. As reported in Rosstandart, 330 pickups produced during the period from February to April 2018 where the interior light footwell on the driver’s side could fall out of the fixture and stuck between the brake pedal and veneer.

This malfunction may cause the brake pedal will not be able to fully return to the starting position, the stop lamps will burn continuously, there will be different delay braking power, increased stopping distance – all this can lead to a greater risk of an accident.

For ostranenie problems need interior light in footwell will wrap with an additional layer of adhesive tape and foam rubber to protect it from falling out. About the need of repair the owners will inform authorized representatives of the manufacturer JSC “Mercedes-Benz RUS”, but it is possible independently to verify the VIN-code car with the attached list and, in case of a match, contact the nearest authorized dealership or to schedule a free repair.