Russia did not put ultimatums on the special status of Donbass – Reznikov

Россия не ставила ультиматумов по особому статусу Донбасса - Резников

Deputy Prime Minister also said that in the talks in Minsk discussed four regulatory act.

In Berlin on 3 July at the meeting of the advisers of the leaders of the “Normandy format” Russia did not put ultimatums on the submission of draft amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine on the special status of Donbass.

This was stated by Vice Prime Minister – Minister for reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories Alexey Reznikov in the program “Freedom of speech on ICTV”.

“I’m a witness, I deliberately say in front of the entire audience – no ultimatums for 12 hours, I personally heard and saw and I was there all those 12 hours (the negotiations themselves advisers of the leaders of the Normandy format lasted 11 hours – UNIAN). Ultimatums were not” – said Reznikov.

Thus, according to him, the meeting in Berlin, the Ukrainian delegation asked about the way of implementation of the 11th paragraph of a package of measures on implementing the Minsk agreements, which refers to the legal aspects of conflict resolution and the adoption of some legislative acts.

“They once again said that no special status in the Constitution of Ukraine can not be. Read carefully the paragraph-11, it clearly States – decentralization, including with respect to adaptation and adoption of amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine… and the adoption of a separate law on local self-government in certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions,” – said Reznikov.

He said that the issue of decentralization and local self-government are different legal acts.

“When someone says that there was an ultimatum – this is fake information. Don’t believe the fakes, please!”, – said Reznikov.

In turn, the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on legal policy, MP Andrey Kostin, who was appointed representative of Ukraine in the working sub-group TKG for political Affairs, said that the working group of the Parliament considers the amendments to the Basic law on decentralization and this process has been widely discussed with various political forces, civil society representatives and local government representatives. In particular, this process began in the beginning of this year. Now with regard to the law on decentralization of the Association, which unites various local authorities that provides their comments.

“When it is finalized, this draft law will be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada the draft amendments to the Constitution. And we clearly understand that the issue of decentralization is important for the entire Ukrainian society and decentralization will be the same for the whole Ukraine”, – said Kostin.

In this case, Reznikov said that in Minsk we are talking about the four blocks of normative legal acts on decentralization, law on local self-government, the Amnesty law (which has not yet entered into force) and law on local elections (which must be developed).

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