Russia explained why, convened the UN security Council on the Ukrainian law on language

Россия объяснила, почему созвала Совбез ООН относительно украинского закона о языке

Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebesa convinced that the Ukrainian language law violates the Minsk agreement. In addition, he stressed that for Ukraine the issue of language is the root cause of internal conflict (the Kremlin calls the war in the Donbass), and because of him, the official Kiev lost the Crimea and started the war in the Donbass.

According to the Ambassador of Russia, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict does not exist, meanwhile there is a “domestic conflict and the crisis regarding relations between Ukraine and Russia, which was created by the previous Ukrainian leadership”.

Russia was invited to hold this meeting because of the signing of the language law by the fifth Ukrainian President Poroshenko. Indeed, the law takes effect in mid-July, but some provisions will start to apply for several years, but that does not change its essence. We strongly believe that this law directly violates the letter and spirit of the package of measures on implementing the Minsk agreements, which the UN security Council approved and supported his resolution of February 2015. Thus, according to the violation of the decisions of the Security Council,

he says.

In addition, the Kremlin mouth, Nebezi accused Kiev that the APU commit attacks on civilians in the Donbas that Ukraine does not Express any willingness to cease fire and to establish the status for the occupied territories in the East of Ukraine, for the exchange of prisoners and the like.

“However, this issue extends far beyond Ukraine’s law. I want to remind that the right to linguistic self-determination enshrined in plain text in the set of events is not accidental. The language question, in fact, launched in 2014, the centrifugal tendencies in Ukraine“, – said the so-called diplomat.

He recalled that one of the first decisions of the government, which came after the Maidan, was the abolition of the law on the status of the Russian language. According to him, after such a move in the Eastern regions of Ukraine “silent dissatisfaction due to the events on the Maidan began to transform into the struggle for preservation of national cultural identity.”

“We are convinced that the security Council had to send the new Ukrainian leadership a clear signal about necessity of the unity and cohesion of Ukrainians, and not on their separation. After all, the consolidation of society is the best guarantee of a sustainable political settlement. In fact this signal, as we can build conclusions made Central during his inauguration, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. But while so consider not everything, and calls to oust the Russian language from the Ukrainian nationalists did not subside,” concluded Nabaza.

The fact that Russia will convene the UN security Council because of the Ukrainian language law, became known on may 18. The relevant meeting was held on may 20, however, Russia’s initiative in the agenda and not made – making initiated by the Kremlin, the question was supported by only 5 members, 6 were against and 4 abstained.

Previously permanent representative of Ukraine to the UN Oleg Nikolenko emphasized that in this way the Kremlin is trying to politicize purely an internal Ukrainian issue. He noted that the functioning of the Ukrainian language in Ukraine in no way threatened international peace and security.

The same opinion is shared by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin. The official said that Russia deliberately swindles with the concepts of “ethnic Russian” and “Russian man”, “putting between them the sign of equality and appropriating the right to defend them even with arms in their hands.”

It was under the banner of “protecting Russian speakers” Russia occupied in 2014, the Crimea and the Donbass and tried to create on our land, its fake “new Russia”,

– said the Minister.

According to him, with Russian in Ukraine there are no problems, but the problems there are with the representatives of Russia, “who wants to see an independent, United Ukraine and the Ukrainian political nation”.

What the law provides about the language? • The Ukrainian language needs to communicate with all government officials, and violation of the law they will be fined.

• Before hiring officials must take a test in the Ukrainian language. For those who don’t know the language at a sufficient level, the government will organize special training.

• Visitors to food establishments and stores must apply to the Ukrainian. If the client communicates in Ukrainian, it should serve in Ukrainian. If drawn in Russian, no problem to serve it in Russian. Same with English or German, if the staff owns them.

* If language rights are broken, it will be possible to refer to a linguistic Ombudsman or the state foods and consumer service.

• For the systematic violation will be fined.


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Россия объяснила, почему созвала Совбез ООН относительно украинского закона о языке