Russia has allocated hundreds of millions of dollars to intervene in elections in Ukraine, – exploration

Россия выделила сотни миллионов долларов на вмешательство в выборы в Украине, - разведка

The Russian government has allocated further funding to their intelligence services to $ 350 million for the implementation of subversive activities in Ukraine in 2019.

According to him, the security services of the Russian Federation sent a colossal budgets, which are used largely for the implementation of subversive activities in Ukraine.

“We received information that the Kremlin ordered for this year to allocate an additional $ 350 million for its secret service to work on intervention in elections in Ukraine”,

he said.

The money, as explained by God, will be used to pay the creation and distribution of fake news and bribery, the organization of provocations, protests, political pressure on the leadership of the state, as well as to prepare cyber attacks.

“The challenge for all intelligence services of the Russian Federation – “anyone but Poroshenko”. According to Russian politicians, Poroshenko is the only one it is impossible to agree on the return of Ukraine into the orbit of Russian influence. He is really trying to bring Ukraine into the ranks of NATO and the EU and the Kremlin has the label of “Russophobia” – said God.

According to intelligence, Russia expects that any reset of power in Ukraine “will lead to the paralysis of the state machinery” until you line up the new power structure.