Russia has banned the anonymous use of instant messengers

В России запретили анонимно пользоваться мессенджерами

In Russia the administration of the messengers from may 5 needs to identify its users by their mobile phone numbers. Entered into force corresponding decision of the Russian government.

Now the messengers have to check the registration information of the user’s telephone number from a mobile operator, reports TASS. It for 20 minutes is required to provide the requested information.

If the operator does not have time to answer or phone number was not in the database, identification will not be considered complete.

If the mobile operator finds in its database the phone number, he is obliged to specify what kind of messengers used by the subscriber, and assign a special identification code.

While the administration of the messenger will be obliged to restrict users who have not passed the procedure of identification, send and receive messages within the service.

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