Russia has made “Radio Liberty” in the list of foreign agents

В России внесли "Радио Свобода" в список иностранных агентов

The limited liability company “Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty” came from a list of media registered as foreign agents in Russia. It was included on the website of the Ministry of justice of Russia in the register of foreign mass media acting as foreign agent.

The law on the status of a foreign agent to the media in Russia was passed in 2017 as a response to Washington’s actions against RT TV channel and the Agency Sputnik. Recent U.S. justice Department made the list of foreign agents.

Under Russian law, registered as a foreign agent can be recognized by the media receiving financial support from foreign States or organizations.


“Radio Liberty” responded to the news.

“The Ministry of justice of Russia has made the Corporation, RFE/RL and some of its projects into its registry of foreign media, have been declared “foreign agents”. RFE/RL is not an “agent” of any of the governments and considers this decision unjust and legally questionable,” – said in a statement.