Russia has voenizirovanaya Ukrainian oil and gas rigs in the Crimea

Россия военизировала украинские нефтегазовые вышки в Крыму

The Russian Federation has turned the Ukrainian oil and gas installations in the Black sea military facilities.

About this report the Facts ICTV.

However, in Russia the situation is made comments otherwise.

At the Yalta conference “Russian energy technologies” the President of the Union of oil and gas Industrialists of Russia Gennady Shmal said that large-scale oil and gas production in the Black sea feasible and can have a negative impact on the environmental situation in the Crimea.

Ukrainian experts believe that Russia is interested more in natural resource extraction and exploration with the annexed Ukrainian rigs. They say that the installation in a dangerous condition, and the level of gas production at them is declining.

The CEO of the company “Chernomorneftegaz” Svetlana Nezhnova reported that before the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula of the black sea shelf was a promising target. By 2020 he had to produce 5-6 billion cubic meters of gas.

Now the Russian government is taking measures to reduce production volumes. According to Nezhnova, before the annexation of the Crimea “Chernomorneftegaz” annually extracted 2 billion cubic meters of gas, as the occupying power in 2019 plans to receive a total of 1.6 billion cubic meters of gas.

The General Director of “Chernomorneftegaz” says that 4 of the annexed oil and gas installation, poorly maintained and have a kind of emergency. He notes that the interesting tower of the Russian Federation for arrangement of military bases.

Ninova said that a Russian military personnel and radio equipment to monitor the situation in the waters of the Black sea, aiming at Odessa. According to her, the occupants can see all the ships that go to the ports of Ukrainian cities.