Russia interferes in the internal Affairs of Lithuania – exploration

Россия вмешивается во внутренние дела Литвы - разведка

In Vilnius presented the annual report of the Department of state security (DGB) and of the second Department of operational services under the Ministry of defense of Lithuania, where special attention is paid to threats from Russia, including through work in the Diaspora and cyberspace.

“The Kremlin has not abandoned ambitions to interfere in the internal processes in our country and use other measures of influence: through active exploration or energy companies,” – said at a press conference the Director of the Department of state security of Lithuania (DGB) Darius Jauniskis

As one of the examples he spoke about the long-term operation, which was conducted by the FSB “in relation to the community of Russian compatriots”. “The FSB is systematically tied contacts with representatives of these organizations in Lithuania. Organized and sponsored events in support of the policy of Russian history, the Russian media spread propaganda, prepared by the FSB,” – said the head of the DGB.

He noted that through such contacts, gathering information not only about the political situation, but also about people. “Thanks to the efforts of the counterintelligence activities of the FSB managed to neutralize, but I want to encourage Lithuanian citizens to remain vigilant and to inform the SSD about such suspicious activities and contacts,” – said Jauniskis.

Thus, according to him, the Russian influence is currently limited because “the level of awareness of citizens has increased considerably.” Jauniskis noted that the upcoming parliamentary elections have not yet attracted the attention of hostile forces, but this possibility is not excluded.

In turn, the Director of the Second Department of operational services, Colonel Remigijus Baltrenas said that organisers of external malicious cyber attacks failed to achieve the desired goal, “thanks to the quick reaction” of the Lithuanian side.

Baltrenas focused on the message that will spread to Russia. “Russia will try to convince politicians of the allied countries and society of these countries in that the additional security measures taken by NATO in the Baltic region, increase the voltage, but thanks to the conscience of society, strengthening the defense forces of Lithuania and allies, the price of a military conflict with NATO countries to Russia increased significantly. This limits the ability of Russia to provoke a crisis and avoid large-scale involvement of the Alliance, and quickly to end the conflict in a favourable manner,” summed up Baltrenas.

February 4 in the hall for press conferences of Seimas of the Republic held a press conference, where media was provided with a report, a report with an assessment of national threats. At the press conference was attended by the Chairman of the Committee on national security and defence of the Seimas, and Dainius Gaizauskas, Director of the state security Department Darius Jauniskis and Director of the second investigation Department Colonel Remigijus Baltrenas.

The report shall be presented to the public annually in accordance with the Law on the criminal intelligence service of the Republic of Lithuania. The state security Department and the Second Department of the Ministry of defense of Lithuania carried out a national threat assessment as a single document jointly developed in 2015.