“Russia is behaving barbaric”: Lukashenka did with “brother”

"Росія веде себе по-варварськи": Лукашенко знову не поладнав із "братом"

Lukashenka and Putin

Once the accusations of the Belarusian President called unfair competition from Russian firms and their violation of the agreements within the EAEU

Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko accuses Russia of unfair competition and breach of obligations in the framework of the Eurasian economic Union. About this he said during a visit to Gomselmash, reports BelTA news Agency.

“I want to keep “Gomselmash”. We are now having a hard time the Russians behave savagely towards us, publicly talking about it. They demand from us something like we’re vassals in them, and in the framework of the EEU, where they invited us, they fulfil their obligations don’t want to. So they create a non-competitive situation,” Lukashenka is convinced.

In addition, he said that Russia accused the Americans and the West in creating the “uncompetitive advantage”.

“And they are for us the same non-competitive conditions are created. This is another topic of our conversation with the President of Russia. But we have to work in those conditions, which exist today”, – noted the President of Belarus.

Addressing the employees, the President said: “the Main thing is we need two to three years to survive. We will be very strong pressure from competitors. We’re backed with the West various “klausami-Lectionary” and the like, and we are caught, unfortunately, in the East of our elder brother, who behaves in unfair competition. They Rostselmash your support, subsidize, violating our agreements in the Eurasian economic Union. It is wrong, unfair, and this issue we do not remove from the agenda of the Belarusian-Russian negotiations on the level of governments and even presidents.”

He assured that he will make every effort to create equal competitive conditions.

“We are, as we can support your business. But you, please work faster. We need two to three years to survive in this unfair competition and outperform their rivals (that is, my friend, the President of Russia calls partners and I call our least rivals),” said the Belarusian leader.