“Russia is Mordor” father of a captive sailor has told, why in Russia do not operate on his son

"Россия - это Мордор": отец пленного моряка рассказал, почему в РФ не оперируют его сына

On 26 February the Russians had to operate on wounded Ukrainian pow sailor Vasyl Soroka, the status of which is constantly deteriorating. However, according to lawyers, the operation was postponed for an indefinite period.

This was announced by father Basil magpie – Victor in an interview with “100 days of bondage: the father of a captive sailor about how Russia punishes prisoners for refusing to cooperate.”

In Russia explain the postponement of the operation of the survey and gather the necessary tests.

Before the son was examined in a Moscow clinic, which showed that killed three tendons in his left hand and damaged 2 of the nerve. Also in the hand has found another shard that got stuck in the bone tissue. According to the Russians and the representative of the European Institute of ombudsmen Nina Karpachova, next week the Russians promise to operate my son and passivate all killed. But I’m not sure their words can be trusted. Because during the 100 days he has not had proper medical care. If they don’t operate, that will drive in injury – said Forty.

He said that Russia only once assisted a wounded marine. So, in Kerch pulled a large splinter out of the hand and sewed up the artery. According to the father of the prisoner, hand Basil magpies will not function properly without surgical intervention because of damaged tendons and nerves. It is necessary only to sew.

Not only Ukraine failed to make Russia the specialized medical care. This could not be done neither Europe nor the entire civilized world. Because Russia is the land of Mordor, which ignores all the laws and world order

adds father a prisoner of war.

Victor Soroka also pointed out that the fact that the denial of medical care – an element of psychological pressure on prisoners. When the prisoners were in the prison “Matrosskaya Tishina”, where it was the health facility, they are not treated.

He was not treated, despite the fact that the condition only worsened: the hand is constantly swollen and was not restored. This suggests that Russia do not care for the health of Ukrainian prisoners of war. When Russian officers and Erofeeva Aleksandrov was detained in ATO area, they were taken to Kiev for a week and did 8 transactions. This suggests that we even operated on the enemy who came to kill Ukrainians, because Ukraine fulfills the norms of international law! And Russia is not even responsive to requests from both Ukraine and the red cross and other international organizations to save the health of prisoners of war,

stated Forty.

According to father Victor Soroka is in jail in Lefortovo, where there is no hot water, no conditions. The father sees this psychological pressure and punishment for Ukrainian prisoners do not cooperate with the investigators of the FSB.

As the Ukrainian sailors were in Russian captivity?25 November 2018, the Russian border guards rammed the tug of the Ukrainian military on their way to the port of Mariupol. Subsequently, the Russians fired on a Ukrainian vessel and injured 3 sailors. In the end, the Kremlin seized 2 Ukrainian boats of the “Nikopol” and “Berdyansk” and the tug “Yana Kapu” and captured 24 of the seafarer – members of crews of vessels.

Ukrainian sailors of the Russian invaders was first arrested in annexed to the Crimea, and later was sent to a Moscow prison. Guys say Russian investigators that are prisoners of war.

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"Россия - это Мордор": отец пленного моряка рассказал, почему в РФ не оперируют его сына

"Россия - это Мордор": отец пленного моряка рассказал, почему в РФ не оперируют его сына