Russia is nothing happy in PACE

Россия зря радуется возвращению в ПАСЕ

Return to PACE the Russian delegation looks as if the League of Nations agreed to the return of the Soviet Union, expelled for attack on Finland.

But the League of Nations did not agree, therefore, was dissolved and replaced by the UN. The Soviet Union, too, in order to become a member of the UN, had to change from an ally and friend of the Third Reich to be his enemy and prove it in practice for four years. Happened so to speak, and the “double zero” that all parties could save face and start from scratch. The UN formally became a successor of the League of Nations, therefore, were not responsible for the decisions, and the USSR, the Ukrainian SSR and the Byelorussian SSR were able to enter the number of the founding members of the United Nations.

Moscow has included Ukraine and Belarus among them, to avoid proceedings on the partition Poland with the Reich and theme of the return to the borders of 1939, which is the sword of Damocles hung over the Kremlin throughout the war. The Kremlin, entering the Ukrainian SSR and the BSSR in the number, made an appearance in the Second of the Commonwealth has allocated two new state as a result of the national liberation struggle of Ukrainians and Belarusians, with the assistance of fellow Russians. USA, UK and others also pretended that it was and publicly to argue not steel. So, Ukraine and Belarus with their places in the UN to a large extent owe to Bandera and Shukhevychwho were still able to dictate their terms to Stalin, but he also managed to turn the situation to his advantage.

Most affected by the Yalta agreements and others was Finland. She did not return Viipuri (Vyborg) and other territories taken from the Soviet Union, when he was “bad” and a friend of Hitler. Moreover, forced to give Nickel mines of Petsamo (Pechenga), that the Soviet Union was the enemy of Hitler and the “good” and that he wanted to, but couldn’t capture in 1939-1940. So that, the scepticism of the Finns against the UN and international institutions have historically justified.

The PACE was not as fundamental as the League of Nations, which it repeats within Europe, and made a deal “sailors in exchange for membership” three years after the removal of the Russian Federation. PACE for it is justified called “unprincipled” and so on, but this move is rational and its benefits, as to the serial and volume application against Russia as the aggressor stringent measures either in the Council of Europe, or PACE, as its substructure, still is not ready.

The return of Russia in PACE is not only the last chance for her to correct, but creating the platform to put pressure on the Kremlin in addition to the “Normandy format” to do that during the presidential elections promised Tymoshenko, Hrytsenko, Smeshko and Zelensky. The US is not a member of PACE and of the Council of Europe, but observers have, and his “fairy” about the return of the Russian delegation immediately expressed. Merkel and macron have actually fulfilled a campaign promise of a number of Ukrainian politicians, and now the only question is, whether Zelensky to do on this site what is promised.

On the court in PACE “buried” a few instruments of influence on Moscow, and if they are able to take advantage of, the Kremlin oligarchy may soon seriously regret his decision to return to the Assembly.

The PACE can get an international party, where the tradition of Soviet-Russian culture of the Russian Federation will be engaged in group and individual sex without a condom and did not restrain their erotic fantasies. The state Duma of the Russian Federation, whose representatives sit on the PACE, and the Agency Lavrov in charge of them, you can relax and start to have fun. Sex without condoms, because the PACE is supra-structure and Agency Shoigu cannot declare war, to take away part of the territory or landing “little green men” in Strasbourg. Why the PACE can be everything without fear of catching any sexually transmitted infection from Russia.

The first is a very solo sex with Russia engaged in the Lychakiv district court of Lviv, which on June 28 ordered the government to pay the family of gull immigrants from the village of Lugansk, 4.7 million UAH moral damage compensation from the Russian invasion. If Russia refuses to implement the decision of the Lychakiv district court, the next step of the Seagull family is a lawsuit in the European court of human rights (ECHR). Supporters of the return of Russia in PACE is not in vain rests on the fact that it will compel Russia to implement the decisions of the ECHR. After some time the oligarchs in the Kremlin will be faced with a choice: to give 4.7 million UAH Seagull or family to withdraw from PACE and the Council of Europe once and for all. There is no doubt that they, before making the decision, thoroughly fucked at the party Committee Lavrov, Zakharov and other experts in foreign policy. Of course, have to be moral.

Also, while individual sex with the Russian Federation through PACE does Andriy Parubiy, but it is very likely that it will soon join and half the Verkhovna Rada. Parubiy 2 July refused to register the PACE observers for the parliamentary elections due to the fact that now some of them may be citizens of the aggressor country. The party Committee of the PACE responded to the proposal to meet and discuss everything. If this PACE osterbuhr from Parubiy to discuss, you are guaranteed a call by the delegation of the Russian Federation “on the carpet” with the requirement to give explanations about her misconduct and that she intends to do and when to make amends to the Ukrainians.

Provocation Orthodox atheist-Communist Gavrilov in Tbilisi on 20 June even moderately Pro-Russian party “Georgian dream” pushed to the exercises in sex with the Russian Federation on the Playground PACE. For the “Georgian dream” it is very important before the parliamentary elections in autumn 2020 to save their falling ratings, and only because of this her sex with Russia will be long and in unison with the Ukrainians.

Georgians and Ukrainians know well what the party Committee. Moldovans, despite its “shirk”, also soon will join them, and he asked Moscow to add anything to “grease” and “condoms” to those 600-700 thousand per month, which he received from the Kremlin on the contents of the socialist party. And say: it is in your best interest.

Start of full-fledged group sex with Russia immediately on her return to PACE put the coalition from Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and Estonia. 1 Jul joined Sweden. The remaining 33 members of PACE still in thought. On the way the nearly 2 million internally displaced persons from Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which may apply to claims of the Russian Federation not only for moral but also material damage to the ECHR after their consideration in courts of Ukraine. The PACE is not as desperate and bad as it may seem at first glance.

Россия зря радуется возвращению в ПАСЕ

Россия зря радуется возвращению в ПАСЕ

Россия зря радуется возвращению в ПАСЕ