Russia is ready for “pre-emptive strike” in the Baltic States

Россия готова к "превентивному удару" по странам Балтии

The Kremlin is stepping up aggressive rhetoric against the Baltic States. Experts predict a complication of Russia’s relations with Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Moreover, a high probability that the Russian authorities decided on a “preemptive strike”.

On the background of the economic downturn in Russia, the Kremlin began actively to increase aggressive militaristic rhetoric. The opposition to the West became the basis of Moscow’s foreign policy. Particularly threatened are the Baltic States. This was reported by the influential Russian Telegram-channel “Kremlin Makovec,” reports the Dialogue.

The resource has drawn attention to how the end of 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin is obsessed with the Second world war and therefore very abruptly began to speak out against the West. Among other things, he called “anti-Semitic bastard and a pig,” the Ambassador of Poland in Nazi Germany, józef Lipski.

“Creating transhistorically subjects confirm the aggressiveness build up of geopolitical discourse. In 2020 it will become the basis of Russian foreign policy”, – assured the “Kremlin markovec”.

The country already had an exchange aggressive statements, after which, according to the resource, “practical steps are inevitable.” Under attack, most likely, will be the Baltic States.

“Politicians talk about risks sharp complications in Russian-Baltic relations – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are under threat of a potential preemptive strike by Russia”, – said the Telegram channel.

Россия готова к "превентивному удару" по странам Балтии