Russia is trying to split the Western Balkans, the US special envoy

Россия пытается расколоть Западные Балканы, - спецпредставитель США

Russia wants to prevent the integration of the region with the West

The US special envoy for Western Balkans Matthew Palmer warned that Russia is trying to cause a rift in the region and to prevent its integration with the West. About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to the “Voice of America”.

Washington often accuses Moscow of meddling in the Affairs of the region.

“We are concerned about Russia’s intentions in respect of the Western Balkans,” said Palmer.

According to him, Russia wants to see the region in a state of instability, polarization, suspicion and chaos.

Palmer was appointed special envoy for the Western Balkans in August last year. He is mandated to promote integration of the region with the West.

Earlier, the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo during a short tour of the Western Balkans in October warned of a “malicious” the influence of the Russian “trolls”.