Russia made a cool new all-terrain vehicle. The West can not

В России сделали новый крутой вездеход. Запад так не может

Roads in our country, you know, in what condition. That’s why the passion of the Russian people to different off-road machinery is inexhaustible. Every year in Russia there are all new ATVs. Usually on units UAZ and GAZ. The latest, introduced Trekol.

Manufacturer of off-road equipment Lyubertsy, finally revealed the all-terrain Husky on the low pressure tires. This is a huge wheel dimensions 1600х700?635. They developed Lyubertsy experts and patented in 2013. At the core of the Rover Husky frame on which are fixed insulated aluminium body. The chassis is original, our own development. The diesel engine with supercharger, Hyundai D4BH power of 100 HP Detailed technical data yet, but knowing that the structure of the mass all-terrain vehicle Trekol, a model with a long name 39294, widely used sites from UAZ and GAZ, suppose that the new machine developers used the parts from UAZ Hunter and GAZ Sadko Next.

The machine is designed for transportation of crews and cargo on soft soil. That is, to work in the tundra and much of the wetland. Price Trekol-Husky starts from 5 450 000 rubles.