Russia once again offered to introduce “food stamps”

В России в очередной раз предлагают ввести "продовольственные карточки"

The Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs sent a letter to the government with a proposal to prepare and implement the country’s program of targeted food aid to the poor.

The Union offer transfer to the poor on a special card a certain amount from the Federal budget to the money you could buy domestic products, other than chips, soda, alcohol, tobacco and other “unhealthy things”. Thus, the program will support not only consumers but also the domestic food producers believe in Russia. Experts estimate that as a result of one ruble of invested funds increase GDP to 1.9 per ruble.

As noted by the authors, in recent years in several regions – Mordovia, Buryatia, Omsk, Saratov and Ulyanovsk areas – tested scheme targeted prodromoi people. The result, according to Russian standards, was positive. However, the mass distribution of the mechanism has not occurred.

According to experts, this happened due to the lack of development of legislative base, absence of single approaches and decentralization of authority.

Now the RSPP proposes to prepare and adopt a new Concept of development of domestic food aid to Russia, to actualize the project program to support consumer demand for food, developed in 2016-2018, and to harmonize it with the funding for such assistance from the Federal budget and budgets of regions.

The government