Russia postponed the hire of a new film Francois Ozon

В России перенесли прокат нового фильма Франсуа Озона

The new film Francois Ozon “By the will of God,” marked by a great jury prize at the Berlin film festival, will be released in Russian cinemas on 29 April, not the 25th as previously planned, the company said A-One responsible for the release of the tape.

Unfortunately, the date of the start of the rental the new film Francois Ozon “the will of God” changed. The Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation has recommended to postpone the release of the film “the will of God” is Francois Ozon from 25 to 29 April, after the Orthodox Easter. The official explanation of the reasons for the transfer release from the Ministry of culture has not received“, – is told in the message.

As noted therein, the request of the Ministry of culture came to the company only on April 25. Written explanations of the Ministry or of the refusal to issue a certificate has not been received.

A new film by French Director tells the true story of a Catholic priest Bernard Prano from Lyon, in 2017, accused of child molesting parishioners (by his own admission, there were 13 witnesses claimed more than 70 victims). The trial unfolding in France right now.

В России перенесли прокат нового фильма Франсуа Озона