“Russia – the false country”: statement by the Ukrainian child impressed network

''Россия - самая лживая страна'': заявление украинского ребенка впечатлило сеть

Journalist Alexander of Tver shared the conversation with 10-year-old Ukrainian about his attitude to Russia, which impressed the users on the network.

To the question, why do not you love Russia, he replied: “Because she made a war and takes away our lands and territories. Russia – the most mendacious country in the world.”

“Mouths of Babes. Here the more such children in Ukraine, the stronger will be her safe and secure future. No, the Russians, the kind of people you will never break. Teeth broken off”, – the journalist wrote to Facebook.

Commentators to show their full support and expressed their negative attitude to Russia.

“It’s terrible, but it is. When I come to the cemetery and see the Avenue of the dead guys, which is, I understand that you have never, My grandson 5 years old, goes to kindergarten, and in the evenings from the designer builds tanks and is proud that all five of the defeated Russian and Ukrainian there are two strong” “And you said Russia. Don’t touch Ukraine… Earned yourself an enemy”, “People live, enjoy life, and Russia, all the while sharpening the knives,” said they.

“Here you idiots, the Russians. An enemy at hand started. Themselves, nobody forced you, and not in the oceans and seas, but close. And enmity will now forever because do not forgive and will not forget. Strengthen the army, to join NATO sooner or later, missiles of various post at the border with you. To fight? Okay, we have learned, and still learn some,” added Alena Sergeeva.