“Russia today is resting!” Leading “the Right to Vlad” called Ukrainians bots: online scandal

''Раша тудей отдыхает!'' Ведущая ''Права на владу'' назвала украинцев ботами: в сети скандал

Host of the talk show “Right to Vlad,” on “1+1” Natalya Moseychuk during the broadcast not keep emotions and called them “bots” users of Facebook.

She appealed to those who resented her unprofessional behavior in the program with the participation of President Petro Poroshenko (to see the video, progralti the page to the end).

His behavior Moseychuk has caused anger in the network. Therefore users Facebook announced a flashmob Angebot.

“The horror… the Bottom… what RT is resting. Skobeeva breathlessly outlines around the screen, Kiselev writes on VHS,” wrote Pavel Kashchuk.

Journalist Inna biletska said leading current-show: “Lady Moseychuk felt her personal victory is near and is now very outraged reactions in Facebook, calling all who criticize her bots. But I’m not a bot, and you, Moseychuk, not a journalist. And what you are doing – service, not journalism.”

“Demand Moseychuk-Skobeevo to apologize to the Ukrainians, who have an opinion different from the opinion puppet… I’m not a bot, not prohobit, not botafirm as you’ve called us in the eye live “1+1″, I do not intend to leave the country as you pointed out to me…. This is my country, I was born here, we defended it, and you sold it,” said Victoria Shevchuk.

“Moseychuk called all dissenters bots and wished them to remain without the robots. My name is Elena Rybak. I’m from Kiev. 35. Teacher of Polish language. And anabot”, – said the resident of Kiev.