Russia wants to occupy all of Ukraine and Georgia: the details have surfaced

Россия хочет захватить всю Украину и Грузию: всплыли подробности

Defense Minister Gavin Williamson rigidly against the appetites of Russia

The British government accuses Moscow of military expansion against Ukraine. The head of the defense Ministry told the details of the Russian plan during his speech at the Royal United Institute for defence studies. His words to the press-service.

As stated by Gavin Williamson, Russia seeks to return to its sphere of influence the countries of the former Soviet Union. These include Ukraine, Georgia and Balkan States. In his opinion, the Russians seized the moment, yet the international community was distracted by the terrorists.

“While we fought against extremism, began to intensify competition between States. Today Russia revives and restores its military Arsenal, and seeks to return into its orbit independent countries of the former Soviet Union” – said the British Minister.

At the same time, NATO is not sitting idle. The organization increases its strength and ready to repel aggression from Russia. Gavin Williamson called to confront non-compliance by Russia of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range. And also be prepared to respond to the application of the new Russian missile systems.

Gavin Williamson believes that the North-! the Alliance should not close our eyes to the attempts of Russia to violate the sovereignty of neighbouring countries outside of the military unit.

“We are ready to support our friends in Ukraine and in the Balkans. These countries have the right to choose their own destiny and to be free from the interference of Russia”, – concluded the Minister of defence of the United Kingdom.

It is worth noting that a politician is very tough stands against the actions of Russia and personally Vladimir Putin since his election to the post in November 2017. In December Gavin Williamson visited the Odessa sea port, where they handed the Russian President a disturbing message.

In the Ukrainian Odessa then came the reconnaissance ship British HMS Echo (H87). According to him, the arrival of the intelligence ship to Ukraine should be a definite Wake-up call for Russian President Vladimir Putin. In such circumstances, the Kremlin will not be able to act, ignoring the international law or international norms.

In addition, the presence of HMS Echo emphasizes support for Ukraine from the UK against the background of Russian aggression. Williamson noted that the scout HMS Echo may be the only ship that is Britain sends in the Black sea for military assistance to Ukraine.

Россия хочет захватить всю Украину и Грузию: всплыли подробности

Россия хочет захватить всю Украину и Грузию: всплыли подробности