Russia went to war against the sites for anime

В России пошли войной на сайты для анимешников

Flirting with the right holders in Russia, the removal of licensed content from the sites does not mean that polupiratskoy website will be able to work in the legal field and to avoid blocking in Russia. As the practice of “Events”, right holders are not interested in the bait they want to bite off the whole hand. This has happened with a popular anime encyclopedia “Sakimori”.

Yesterday it began to block in the Russian Federation by the decision of Moscow city court. In this case the reason for blocking was the claim of OOO “cinema galeksi” violations of copyright and related rights on the anime “Charlotte” (2015), which was unavailable for viewing on the service. The demo users banned after contacting the copyright holder. As, in principle, have been reported with other series, rights to which are claimed by those or other companies.

The Director of “cinema galeksi” is Eugene Kolchugin, co-owner of “Istar” Comic book that sells manga and ranobe in Russia. Together with “Sekimori” blocked sites “Animeost”, AdultMult, AnimeTeatr etc.