Russia will enable the full capacity: the expert spoke about the threats to the European Parliament elections

Россия включит полную мощность: эксперт рассказал об угрозах для выборов в Европарламент

Misinformation and interference from the Kremlin threaten not only the presidential elections in Ukraine, which will be held in March. Russia will also attack the current European Parliament elections.

The representative of the American analytical center “Atlantic Council”, the Czech Jakub kalens’ke expert believes that Moscow’s objective remains unchanged, writes “Radio Freedom”.

Yes, Russia will continue to try to weaken the West – European institutions, governments and the Parliament itself. However, their tactics may change.

They may not always have a proactive campaign, because sometimes unexpected things happen – if they shot down MH17, then they need to organize a campaign to this theme, or if it is the story of the poisoning Skipala, then you need to work on this topic. But the course remains unchanged

– said the expert.

Russia fulfills methods for a long time, studying the situation, razobratsya what messages work and what doesn’t.

“They also had long prepared his people, politicians in Europe that will help to amplify the effect of their campaign,” he added.

According to a survey by Pro-Kremlin and anti-European forces can get around. Instead, in the current Parliament such anti-European forces approximately.

The expert notes is a lot, but most are still behind the Pro-European forces.

They supported Ukraine when it mattered, when it was about the resolution on the Crimea, Donbass. Yes, it is disturbing that the Pro-European forces are weakened, but they remain a majority in Parliament,

said kalens’ke.

Before the election, Moscow will try at full power to speculate on the topics that mobilize anti-European electorate – fear of migration, globalization, international cooperation.

Along with this they will work on “disarming” the Pro-European electorate, they say that the current institutions are not working.

“We see these ideas at work in Ukraine before the presidential elections, which will be in a month. Even so, it is important to have “their” candidate – enough to raise the credibility of the election itself, to the possibility to choose and change life in the country”, – he explained.

Elections to the European Parliament will be held from 23 to 26 may 2019 27 EU countries (excluding the UK), the results of which citizens will choose 705 of the EP.

When and how the election of the President of Ukraine?

The Central election Commission has registered 44 candidates. But the final list of candidates will announce on March 8. March 31 (Sunday) will be the first round of voting for a future head of state: voting will be from 8:00 to 20:00. The official results of the first round must declare before April 10. If we go to a second round of elections, scheduled on April 21.

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Россия включит полную мощность: эксперт рассказал об угрозах для выборов в Европарламент