Russia will explore the moon without the help of NASA. Cooperation of Moscow and Washington in the cosmos is in the final stage

Россия будет изучать Луну без помощи NASA. Сотрудничество Москвы и Вашингтона в космосе находится в завершающей стадии

Russia alone will modernize the spacecraft “Soyuz” and equips it for the implementation of manned missions to the lunar surface. NASA will not accept any, including financial, of participation in the project. This was reported by Russian media citing an unnamed high-ranking officer of Russian rocket and space industry.

Note that these messages appeared on the background regularly voiced lately Dmitry Rogozin threats on the exit of Moscow from USA promoted the international program on creation of lunar Gateway station.

The reason for non-cooperation, according to the head of the Roscosmos, is Russia’s reluctance to participate in space project on the sidelines, and that’s what Washington offers to the Russian side (as well as other project participants).

In the United States, at the same time, louder begin to sound the opinion that the manned space program of the Russian Federation enters into the “dark ages”. Thus, in particular, writes columnist known English popular scientific editions Ars Technica, the action Space X, NASA in the near future will not need the services of Roscosmos to transport its own astronauts into orbit. And besides the services of “space taxi” and experience in the field of creation of space modules Moscow today has nothing to offer overseas partners.

Thus, even if Russian-American cooperation in space will not be held hostage to the increasingly deteriorating political situation, Washington soon could deliberately abandon it.