Russian as a foreign

Русский как иностранный

Overcoming barriers and building bridges between people, languages in the modern world is one of the most sought-after skills.

Today Russian is spoken by about 300 million people on the planet. It is a kind of lingua franca for the countries of the CIS, but not only! Business, scientific cooperation, and communication among people: what opportunities Russian language for foreigners? To answer this question we have tried in the “World of knowledge” #LearningWorld @euronews_LW.

Russian as a foreign

Every year at the philological faculty of Saint Petersburg state University receives about 1,500 foreign students to study Russian. Someone for the love of literature and culture of the country. For others it is the opportunity to enrich their professional skills and increase your value in the labor market.

Ted Fristed arrived from Sweden in the framework of student exchange. He dreams of becoming a designer and to develop a computer game. At this, Ted is confident that Russian in this field he can be very useful.

“I think that Russia and the local market from the point of view of my future profession offers a lot of opportunities. Therefore, I believe that knowledge of the Russian language, even basic is a valuable skill and it is not superfluous to further my career,” says Ted.

This opinion is shared by Trenton, a student from the United States. “Yes, Russian is a difficult language. Especially for us anglophones. But that’s what I made to come to Russia. I thought it was a great opportunity for me to be more visible in the labor market”, – said the American student.

Trenton is going to hold in St. Petersburg a year. After back in the USA at the University of Utah, where he continued to study international relations. However, what about those who in one way or another is not able to learn the language in Russia?

Distance learning can be effective

More than half a century the specialists from the Pushkin Institute to develop innovative methods of teaching Russian to foreigners. This experience formed the basis of a global online platform PushkinOnline. It allows you to learn the language from scratch or improve your knowledge of the Russian remotely.

“Our research shows that today the demand for personnel with Russian language in the world for all sectors together is approximately 125 million people. This is a huge labor market, – said the rector of the Pushkin Institute Margarita Rusetskaya. – However, many foreigners just don’t have the opportunity to come to study language in Russia. That’s why we have created a unique platform PushkinOnline. In fact, this e-school is available for all”.

On the Institute’s website has a special section for teachers of the Russian language abroad. This allows them to be aware of new techniques and have access to modern learning materials absolutely free!

Russian language is in demand abroad?

The Russian-speaking community is represented on all continents. The most numerous living in Europe. For example, in Germany the share of Russian-speaking population, according to some estimates, has between 2 to 4 million people, including not only immigrants from Russia, but also CIS countries.

Therefore, along with English, Spanish or French – Russian language is among the five most popular languages to learn in schools and universities in Germany

“In General in Germany created good conditions for teaching and studying the Russian language. In some lands, such as here in Berlin it is officially included in the list proposed to the study as a second foreign in schools, says of Brigitte Dressler, Professor of the Institute of applied technology and Economics Berlin. – I teach at University and we always try to show our students that language proficiency and improve their employment prospects”.

At the end of November in Berlin was held the Week of Russian language conference the experts from all over Europe. One of the organizers was organized by the Agency Rossotrudnichestvo. According to the head of the organization Eleonora Mitrofanova, abroad, the need for learning the Russian language today big.

“The centrifugal age that we observed in the beginning of 90th years has passed, she says. – Slowly people are coming to understand that Russian language is not only the language of Tolstoy, Turgenev and the great classical literature, but approaches it from a pragmatic point of view – from the point of view of employment”

According to Mitrofanova, the activities of Rossotrudnichestvo in ways similar to the Goethe Institute or the Alliance française. “We have offices in 81 countries: language courses, preparing qualified teachers, as well as trying to provide a modern educational literature in the Russian language”.

Journalist Sergey Shcherbakov

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