Russian chieftains demand from the Ukrainians compensation for the use of the word “Cossacks”

Российские атаманы требуют от украинцев компенсацию за использование слова "казаки"

The Council of Atamans of Russia requires from the company GSC Game World share for the game “Cossacks”. Russian leaders believe that only they have the right to use the name and brand of “Cossacks.”

Chieftains of Russia’s claim to 10 percent of the income of the developers of the game “Cossacks”. That’s about 4 million dollars, reported

Also, the Russian chieftains are threatening to block all accounts and servers of the Ukrainian company.

Only we have the right to use the name and brand of “Cossacks.” Our attorneys abroad, has already prepared a lawsuit in the international Court. They believe that we will win court.
– said the representative of the Council of Atamans of Russia Gennady Kovalev.

Coordinator of the Cossacks on work with mass-media Valery Rozanov decided to “fork”. The man promised to share the money with the Ukrainian Cossacks. However, to assess whether the Ukrainian Cossacks such “generosity” – unknown.

Cossacks is a series of strategy games in real time from GSC Game World, which is also known series of games S. T. A. L. K. E. R . The first part came out already in 2001 on the PC. August 24, 2019, the year should go Supplement to the third part of the game “Cossacks 3: Golden age”.

Watch the trailer of the game “Cossacks 3: the Golden era”:

Who are the Cossacks? The Cossacks appeared in the XV century. They are members of mens military communities, who were engaged in military activities, patrolling trade routes, and, of course, defended their land. Subsequently, the Cossack communities have inhabited the land until the Khabarovsk region. However, they were descended from one of the parent communities of the host society of the Dnieper Cossacks.

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