Russian composer managed to repay debts Kobzon before his death

Российский композитор успел вернуть долги Кобзону перед его смертью

The famous Russian composer Ilya Reznik was in a bad financial situation and was forced to ask the singer Joseph Kobzon help. He helped him, but the composer could not return the day for two years, and only shortly before his death Kobzon was able to pay off debts.

As reported with reference to the “Secular chronicle”, told the wife Reznik Irina Romanova. According to her, only thanks to create theatre for talented children managed to improve financial situation and pay all debts. Sam Resnick argues that people consider him to be a millionaire for one reason only – he’s always stylishly dressed, prefers to wear white suits, and so many people think that he earns a lot.

“But now it’s not so bad because it was jubilee year, and we were able to give back to Joseph Davydovich Kobzon, who hung on us two years,” – said the wife of the composer. According to her, despite the income from the theater and the royalties, composer periodically borrows funds from friends. Recall that Reznik 80 years old, and married to Romanova, he is already twenty years old. They recently got married in Yalta.