Russian gay pride parade in Berlin: We came in peace we came up with quiram

Русский гей-парад в Берлине: Мы пришли с миром, мы пришли с квиром

Russian-speaking LGBT organization staged the first pride and homophobic in a residential district of Berlin. The organizers received threats, but to build bridges and to “look for beauty” that did not stop.

The district Marzahn in the East of Berlin was once a model residential area of the socialist GDR – typical building panel houses, broad avenues, this “street Builders”, which can be found almost in any post-Soviet city. In the nineties and the zero district was populated by the immigrants from the former Soviet Union to settle here was much easier than in the center. To suffocating from a lack of living space Berlin apartment in Berlin can be found even now. Special popularity Marzahn received five years ago about “girl: Liza” from a family of immigrants, refugees accused of rape. It is in Marzahn were the first protests in Russian-speaking Berliners against refugees, culminated in a rally outside the Federal Chancellery.

“I feel Zhirinovsky “

Profile of Marzahn clear – speaking, homophobic, dysfunctional sleeping area, a working-class suburb fashionable and tolerant Berlin. It is here where five years ago one Russian-speaking organized people’s Assembly against refugees, other Russian – speaking LGBT organization Quarteera – Saturday, July 18, held the first in the area of gay pride. Activists managed to gather about 500 participants. Accompanied by several dozen police convoy gay activists went over a small truck with a DJ from the station of urban trains to an unremarkable square through the wide streets along tram tracks. On the way, danced to “Blue moon” by Boris Moiseev and “not gonna get Us” group “Tatu”, chanting slogans such as: “Love for all” and “Berlin for all”. “I feel like Zhirinovsky who promised love,” said at some point in the microphone one of the initiators of the Quarteera Vanya Killer who led the program. A few locals greeted without enthusiasm filmed dancing activists to mobile phones.

With the local population and were associated major concerns of the organizers. According to Vanya, he and other members Quarteera received over the Network many threats “from polwenning of accounts” after the announcement that pride will come in Marzahn. Activists threatened with execution if they decide to come to the area, and wrote both in Russian and in German. Threats via the social network got even the parents of activists.

“This area – it is overwhelming, I worked with unemployed young people – most of them even never been abroad, – says the artist Misha badasyan, also working as a social worker. Living here the Germans are the same homophobia as Russian, and also ready to burn the refugees. That is not a specific Russian problem,” he said. However, some attacks and hostile actions during the pride were not recorded, as there was no special police protection.

The word of the mayor

Most of the several dozen banners, which was carrying activists, has been on the political developments in Russia, where authorities are increasingly playing the homophobic card. And part of it was reminiscent of “Monstration”: “Inside every bully there’s a girl in feathers,” “Love for all genders submissive”, “For your and our love,” “You know where to come.” “Only yesterday in Russia adopted a new law about translady. Understand that this is manipulation, and so they found a scapegoat, but why is it the people? People are not afraid of no corruption, no violence, no theft,” says the artist, who was detained on what is happening in Russia.

In Berlin the same Russian pride not only received support from local authorities, welcoming words were heard at a surprisingly high level. The pride turned as the mayor of Berlin Michael Muller (Michael M?ller) and Vice-President of the Bundestag Petra Pau (Petra Pau). On the March the correspondent of DW noticed the flags green, social Democrats and liberals from the Free democratic party. Against the pride on Twitter were only right-wing populists from the “Alternative for Germany”.

“Came to see the beauty “

And yet, the organizers emphasize that they do not wish to present pride as a trip to the homophobes or entering into enemy territory. “Five years ago we thought let’s go to Marzahn and will educate them – homophobic. But this idea is not infected the people, the people didn’t fire, we always put this idea. This year COVID tore the great Berlin pride, and we returned to Berlin only changed the agenda. Now it is not “LGBT comes to homophobes”, we go through the area that reminds us of where we ourselves have grown. The most popular chant this year: “We are the world, we are quiram”. Go, to teach, to build bridges,” says Vanya Killer.

“I haven’t been to all sorts of Nollendorfplatz (a popular place of residence for gays in Berlin. – Ed.) and in gay neighborhoods because sugary has become, this freedom is so sweet. Want of fresh air. Marzahn – here space, plenty of room. I like to see the beauty where all are horrified, ghetto, Soviet blocks, and residential districts. But this beauty it is important to note. I think we came here to look at the beauty,” agrees Misha badasyan.

Русский гей-парад в Берлине: Мы пришли с миром, мы пришли с квиром

Русский гей-парад в Берлине: Мы пришли с миром, мы пришли с квиром

Русский гей-парад в Берлине: Мы пришли с миром, мы пришли с квиром

Русский гей-парад в Берлине: Мы пришли с миром, мы пришли с квиром