Russian hackers attacked the lab, who investigated the “New” media

Російські хакери атакували лабораторію, яка досліджувала "Новачок" – ЗМІ

Naznachaetsya that hacking hackers caused limited damage

The Swiss Spiez laboratory, which specializiruetsya on preventing chemical, biological and nuclear threats were probably attacked by a group of hackers connected to Russia.

It is reported “European true” with reference to the Swiss newspaper Blick.

Laboratory in the Canton of Bern, probably became the target for hackers due to its role in the investigation of the poisoning of Sergey and Julia the Violinist in the British city of Salisbury. The laboratory has been involved in the examination of nerve toxin, which was used for poisoning.

Hackers from the group Sandworm associated with the Russian government, was presented to the members of the organizing Committee of the laboratory and distributed a document with instructions about the forthcoming conference on chemical weapons, scheduled for September.

The Word document contained only information about the conference. The file has installed a harmful program. Cybercriminals used a fake email address and was aimed at experts on chemical weapons, invited to the conference.

“Someone acting on behalf of the laboratory. We immediately informed the conference participants that the document is not ours, and pointed out the danger,” said Kurt Munger from the Federal office of civil protection.

According to him, hacking hackers caused limited harm.

“The lab did not register any data leakage,” said Munger. This year hackers have attacked several organisations in Switzerland. The Federal intelligence service has reported an internal attack on “various international sports federations”, in particular the international Olympic Committee in Lausanne.

As reported 5.UA in early March, 2018, Sergei Skripal and his daughter was poisoned by Russian combat toxin “Newbie” – they oiled the handle of the front door of their home in the British town Solebar. The British government and the majority of Western countries are sure that this was done by order of the Kremlin in retaliation for the spy-defector.