Russian journalists know my position and therefore will not be biathlete Pidruchny

Российские журналисты знают мою позицию и поэтому не подходят, – биатлонист Пидручный

Российские журналисты знают мою позицию и поэтому не подходят, – биатлонист Пидручный

World champion 2019 biathlon Ukrainian Dmitry Pidruchny often takes attitude and criticizes Russia. Dmitry said, is whether the problems for their political statements.

In an interview with “Commander in chief” Pidruchny said that has no problems in dealing with the Russians. He also explained why not communicate with Russian journalists.

With Russian athletes relationship normal

28-year-old Pidruchny said had little contact with the Russian biathlon. However, he says he has a normal relationship with them.

“Although with their athletes I have relationship normal. I don’t condemn all of them without exception. There are good people who support Ukraine and understand. With the athletes we have on political issues don’t talk,” he said.

Against Russian journalists, according to Dmitry, they know his views, therefore, are not suitable.

And Russian journalists are aware of my stance and that’s why to me and not appropriate. I think they understand what I say,
– said Dmitry.

The statement of Dmitry of the Russian Loginova

  • In the winter during the world Cup in Antholz (Italy) Dmitry came to the defense of Russian Alexander Loginov.
  • To Loginov, who once served a suspension for doping, broke the Italian police raided the racing day.
  • According to Pidruchna, such measures need to do on race day.
  • At the same time, Dmitry condemned the doping of Russian athletes and the Russian authorities of concealment of violations.

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