Russian military saved from massacre of the Americans killed in Syria, 14-year-old

Российские военные спасли от расправы американцев, застреливших в Сирии 14-летнего подростка

Head of the coordination center of the Armed forces of Russia in Syria, major-General Yakov Rezantsev revealed the details of clashes between Syrians and Americans, which killed 14-year-old and wounded another man.

As reported “Interfax”, Rezantsev said the cause of the conflict “illegal actions by servicemen of the international anti-terrorist coalition”. They tried to drive through the town Harbat-Hamo contrary to the prohibition of the Syrian authorities.

“One of the cars coalition stuck on the side, and the second is out of order. After a verbal confrontation [with the locals] began indiscriminate firing. At the initial stage, when a conflict was brewing, there were only women, children, the elderly, none of them had weapons,” he said.

The General noted that the Americans have applied for assistance to the Russians. Into place there arrived the military personnel of the defense Ministry, which settled the conflict. While the soldiers of the coalition “respond adequately” to incoming recommendation.