Russian MP threatens occupation of Kiev: our people will sit in Ukraine and Georgia

Российский депутат грозит оккупацией Киева: наши люди будут сидеть и в Украине, и в Грузии

On Russian television, there was another skirmish between Ukrainian politician Vadym Triukhan and illegitimate Deputy of the Russian State Duma Leonid Kalashnikov, informs

In the course of the scandal, the Russian stated that the Kremlin could occupy the capital of Ukraine, if they wish. Note, it all started with the fact that the Ukrainian surprised the rhetoric of the occupiers, who said that Russia is going to protect their interests in Venezuela, where a revolution took place.

“I’ve been listening to esteemed opponents, and you wonder: are you seriously consider Russia a great country? Do you seriously think that Russia can go to Venezuela and something to do there? Are you kidding me? What do I see? To my tremendous regret, because I’m Russian people don’t want, this here is Russia. Your leadership is pushing your country to here to such unrest. I’d looked at developments in Venezuela and tried to change something in their country, and not here trying to encourage to join in the Donbass, in Kiev. You five years of trying to destroy Ukraine and there is nothing you can do about it”, – expressed his view Ukrainian expert in broadcast propaganda program “60 minutes.”

This speech enraged the Russian policy. Kalashnikov was hysterical, said that if Moscow wants to, it will stop in the Donbas and occupied the capital of our country. Moreover, as assured the audience Kalashnikov, a similar fate awaits Georgia. “Do you know why does not work? Because the more you will use measures such as in Venezuela, the sooner our political leadership will ripen and will stay near Ilovaysk, and in Kiev, will not stop near Tbilisi, and Tbilisi. And will the plant in Tbilisi on their own, to plant in your Kiev that the interests of Russians living there, will keep track!” – said Kalashnikov.