Russian organized coup attempts in countries which did not stop at joining NATO

РФ организовывала попытки переворотов в странах, которые не остановила при вступлении в НАТО

Russia organized coup attempts in countries that joined NATO in spite of Russia’s actions. The latest example is Montenegro. Consequently, Russia does not want the “NATO” bases at hand and therefore will have on Ukraine as a huge pressure.

About this in his video blog “Chronicles of an undeclared war,” said author and founder of the project “Come alive” Vitaly Deynega.

As told to the author, Russia likes to put into question NATO’s resolve and the existing world order. Attacking the Ukraine and breaking the Budapest Memorandum, Russia has been able to show his vulnerability.-

There is reason to believe that Russia considers itself cheated after the collapse of the USSR, when in informal conversations representatives of the event allegedly promised to prevent the growth of NATO to the East. Official statements about it were not, then NATO is officially added to the Baltic States, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Russia felt betrayed

noted Deynega.

According to him, Russia is now trying to show the world the unreliability of the West is taken of the commitments it has already successfully had taken the Crimea.

He also added that according to article 5 of the Washington Treaty, the hybrid attack equal to military aggression. But all the numerous attacks of Russian and China-so why not led to the fact that NATO declared war on them.

Poisoning Skrobala, which was a deliberate attack and murder of the citizens of NATO member state on its territory, too, was not regarded as an act of aggression and a pretext for the application of the fifth article,

– added the author.

What is article 5 of the NATO Charter??It States that “the parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all. And, accordingly, they agree that in case of carrying out the attack, each of them will assist the Party or Parties who attacked. But it is interesting that the use of force is also not guaranteed.

Video of the full release of the blog “Mad world” Vitaly Deynega 16 Feb 2019? year

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16 Feb

РФ организовывала попытки переворотов в странах, которые не остановила при вступлении в НАТО