Russian passports for the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk. Whether Ukraine will receive the second Crimea

Российские паспорта для жителей Донецка и Луганска. Получит ли Украина второй Крым

Today, June 14, residents of non-government-controlled areas of Donbas began to receive passports of the Russian Federation. While officially awarded only a few dozen documents, but the process is running. “News” know exactly what is in store for Ukraine, because if the region will be a critical number of people with passports of another country that we are, in fact, will not only get a new round of escalation of the conflict, but also a second Crimea.

The first of may 2019, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed a decree, which simplifies obtaining Russian citizenship. Among the list of persons who can convert your documents on the red books, are citizens of Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Syria, as well as residents of the Crimea and uncontrollable Ukraine Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

A month later, on June 14, more than 60 people from LDNR received Russian passports. Just the application for obtaining Russian citizenship filed about 12 thousand people. In the next few promise to issue passports to a neighboring state more than a thousand people.

In social networks the opinion of the residents LDNR about getting passports was divided. Some wonder why you need a passport, which will not change anything for them, others are happy that the process has begun.

That will give Russian passports to residents of LDNR

In fact, nothing special. The fact that the citizen of Russia must have a place of registration. There are two types of registration: permanent, place of residence, and the time – stamp is not in the passport, as in the first case and in a separate document. Thanks to registration, the citizen is “attached” to a particular region. From the local budget on it are all social benefits, including pensions and payments for child care. Also only with the registration of a Russian citizen can open a Bank account, apply for a passport or to enroll in the clinic.

In the case of citizens of non-government-controlled areas, the situation is more complicated. Indeed, in the decree of Putin, there is no clarification and without registration the residents of LDNR can not go even to Russia to work, not to mention the pensions and other benefits.

In connection with the issue of passports in the Rostov region intensified “dealers” that for a certain jackpot offer for the issue of permanent or temporary registration. The cost of these services varies from one thousand to three thousand roubles.

But how legitimate such registration, and will not work in the future “to obtain” a very specific term for fraud – the question is open.

Also in the decree no answer to the question of whether to put this in your passport registration, for example, marked “LNR”, “DNR”. According to the political scientist Taras Chornovil, people will give “naked” a passport, which, in fact, are just “wrappers”, in addition to citizenship, do not provide any rights to their owners.

“As such, the registration in the passport will not be, there will be a record of the authority issuing the passport. Specially made two special body which will issue passports only for the LC and the DNI, and these numbers will be clear that they are from there and from anywhere else that still relates to the registration it is clearly not, and then when issued at the Russian Consulate General in Odessa. Relatively speaking, they were given Russian passports, and Russian registration have no special rights in Russia, they do not get from this”, – said Chornovil

At the same time, it is clear that Russia can not put a stamp on the registration of a person marked, for example, “Donetsk”. It would mean the recognition of those territories of the Russian, as in his time happened with Crimea, the escalation of the conflict and the extremely negative reaction of the international community, bigger than in 2014. So if the official registration will still be standing in the Russian passport of the inhabitant of the LDNR to be the Russian regions, such as Yakutia, is confident the political scientist Kost Bondarenko.

“Passports, which are distributed on the uncontrolled territories, may not be the Donetsk registration, because Russia does not recognize the Donetsk and Lugansk its territory, and of course Russia’s jurisdiction does not extend to these territories. According to the Russian legislation, based on Russian norms, these areas are the Ukraine, but they rebelled, and Russia supports them in a “righteous” desire to resist the “fascist junta that seized power in Kiev.” This position is approx. Russia does not recognize independence of DNR and LNR. Russia recognizes that the territory of a sovereign part of Ukraine. Citizens will obtain citizenship, most likely the registration to be some kind of Yakutia, Sakha and so on”, – said the analyst.

Photo: public “Typical Donetsk”

Passports are necessary for the legalization of militants?

Sooner or later, the question of the return of the Eastern provinces under the control of Ukraine will be closed, I think the Ukrainian politeksperty. Accordingly, the question arises, what to do with those who fought against Ukrainian soldiers, who worked in law enforcement agencies of the breakaway republics. Therefore, the distribution of Russian passports is an opportunity for the militants to freely, if necessary, to leave the territory of Ukraine.

“The idea is a simplification of the existing procedures according to which anyone born on the territory of the former Soviet Union has the right to apply for and obtain Russian citizenship, but provides that the term of consideration of documents is determined from 6 to 12 months. The current decree which receive passports residents of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions is reduced this period to 3-6 months. Under the accelerated procedure. This could mean lots of things. Including what can break the deadlock in negotiations on the Donbass, and the fact that a number of persons who do not fall under the Amnesty, which took part in the fighting – they of course should be used to define further life. If the Donetsk and Lugansk region again coming under the control of Ukraine, even in the Autonomous rights, respectively, then these people can fall under the action of the court. Can be arrested, detained, convicted. Thus distributing passports, preparing the withdrawal of a number of persons. It can be tens of thousands of people who received Russian citizenship, can move to Russia”, – said political analyst Kost Bondarenko.

What should the Ukrainian authorities

According to analyst Enrique menéndez, Russia’s actions are absolutely clear, and repeatedly voiced the top leadership of the neighbouring country, saying that if Ukraine is handing out passports of other countries, such as Hungary, Poland or Romania, what we know happens in Transcarpathia, Galicia and Bukovina, then why doesn’t Russia give Russian passports.

“How should our government react? Actually here the answer consists of two parts. If we react to these manifestations, that is, the distribution of Russian passports, then we must protest against this. But you still have to show their citizens who remained on the uncontrolled territories that it is our citizens. And it needs to resume the pension, to improve communication with these areas, start with them full to talk. All this, the Ukrainian state under the regime of Poroshenko 5 years did not. And did worse. Therefore, it is reasonable that people are not watching their state, begin to look at the other side of the state”, – said Menendez.

The expert is sure that there was no such incident, as is happening now in the Donbas, Ukraine needs to resolve issues with the other passports of other States.

“If we react aggressively to a Russian passport, but turning a blind eye on Polish, Hungarian and Romanian, then it is not good for anybody. Needs to be a purposeful state policy. Or the government says we are fine to dual citizenship, let it be, we will settle the matter, or rather to say firmly that there are no other passport. I think that is the last century and it should be easy to apply for dual citizenship and to simplify the procedure of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship including. This is my personal opinion”, – he added.

“Our government has responded. According to the principle of the old joke: Abram came home with a black eye, and his wife asks, say what’s wrong with you? – I was walking down the street, came to me someone with a stick like he did in the eyes. – What? You did not respond? – How did not respond? I fell. In this situation, our government is also responsive and will react”, – said Bondarenko.

Where else can repeat this situation with the distribution of passports

Near our country there are many points with similar frozen conflicts. For Example, Transnistria. The official Moldova for many years, there is no official data of how many actually people have Russian citizenship. According to unofficial information only in Transdniestria is home to about 200 thousand (in fact, every second person – “News”) people with the Russian passport. But as the issue happens on non-government-controlled Moldova’s territory, to say what the real extent of the “tragedy” – it is impossible.

“In Transnistria, and a lot of Ukrainian passports. There’s a lot of people who received citizenship of Ukraine. And Ukraine did not protest even once when there was a massive distribution of passports to residents of Transnistria, who acknowledged themselves citizens of Ukraine and live on in Transnistria, despite the fact that formally they are citizens of Moldova. It is necessary to pay attention to this precedent. As for Moldova and Transnistria – a frozen conflict there. The frozen conflict which all become accustomed to and have forgotten why the conflict began. Already grew a new two-generation in this conflict. Already, Moldovan officials from Chisinau to Tiraspol go to the market, because there are cheaper products and this is considered completely normal. Life there is getting better. And I think that a new round can only happen in the event that if the Moldovan authorities will take an accelerated path towards integration into the EU and NATO. And then the situation could again spiral out of control. The example of Moldova, we noted, but not studied”, – said political analyst Kost Bondarenko.

Excluding Transnistria, there are also the frozen conflicts in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, where it also all began with the distribution of Russian passports, reminds the political scientist Ruslan Bortnik.

“We see how long the conflict in Moldova is not allowed, but we remember the situation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which had also been issued a passport, and then it all ended official recognition and military operation. After the issuing of passports in these areas in Russia will remain only one additional tool, it is the recognition of their independence, but it is very dangerous because if in South Ossetia, Abkhazia had clearly delineated the boundaries of these territories, today the lines of distinction of Donetsk and Lugansk areas is what is called a living”, he said.

What will happen with the Minsk agreements

Again, nothing. After all, the question of distribution of passports in these agreements is not mentioned. “You can say, as is customary in diplomatic circles – this move is contrary to the spirit of the Minsk agreement, but not against the letter. That is, in the Minsk agreements for this reason nothing is said. Formally, Russia is not violating anything. But of course this can be regarded as an unfriendly act on the part of Russia, as a step, which is a bit contrary to the logic of these agreements and the logic of the entire peace settlement. I think you just need to activate the Minsk negotiation process. You need to go in a more constructive way and then the issues with the passports will go by the wayside by themselves,” – said analyst Enrique Menendez.

Российские паспорта для жителей Донецка и Луганска. Получит ли Украина второй Крым

Российские паспорта для жителей Донецка и Луганска. Получит ли Украина второй Крым

Российские паспорта для жителей Донецка и Луганска. Получит ли Украина второй Крым

Российские паспорта для жителей Донецка и Луганска. Получит ли Украина второй Крым

Российские паспорта для жителей Донецка и Луганска. Получит ли Украина второй Крым

Российские паспорта для жителей Донецка и Луганска. Получит ли Украина второй Крым

Российские паспорта для жителей Донецка и Луганска. Получит ли Украина второй Крым

Российские паспорта для жителей Донецка и Луганска. Получит ли Украина второй Крым