Russian players may have been robbed during match: video

Российских баскетболистов дерзко ограбили прямо во время матча: видео

While the players of the Russian basketball club “Khimki” tried to delay the final series of VTB United League against CSKA Moscow, their stuff from the dressing room were stolen.

Unknown young man took out money, watches, jewelry. It happened early in the game, and it was during the break, when the players went inside.

The captain of “Khimki” Sergey Monya immediately asked the basketball centre to check the camera and published in his Instagram photo of possible perpetrator.

Later, these photos appeared in social networks of the defender “Khimki” Alexey Shved, who in the match did not participate due to a foot injury.

On the potential robber hung accreditation, probably the press. Who is this unknown, the staff of the arena club and say they’ve never seen. Now the photos do the police who are searching for the thief and see if he had any accomplices.

Later it became known that the photos of the guy and went to the locker room with CSKA. Asked the toilet and tried to go through the coaching staff of CSKA. He passed, but he was quickly brought out. To take he did not have time.

First, the journalists wrote that Othello hunter lost watch, but he later told the center that he had everything in place.

Later there was video of the robbery of the locker room of the team.