Russian political scientist about the case of MH17: Putin is ready to pay compensation to the families of the victims

Российский политолог о деле МН17: Путин внутренне готов выплатить компенсацию семьям погибших

According to the expert, Putin can do it only on condition that Russia had nothing to blame never will.

Russian political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky believes that the judicial process in the case shot down in the skies over the Donbass Malaysian Boeing 777, which next week will start in the Netherlands, it may well suit Russia.

This opinion he expressed in an interview with journalist, founder of the publication “GORDON” Dmitry Gordon.

“Criminal proceedings against certain individuals. I fully admit that these individuals are found guilty. They are out of reach of Western justice, so I’ll be there, where there, or they will have accidents, so they never said nothing to anyone too much?”, – said Belkovsky.

He suggested that the process will remember the customers of the crime.

“But “say” and “to accept the court verdict” is not the same thing. In this process, the Russian state does not recognize the customer. The outcome of this process [Russian President] Vladimir Putin is quite happy. Another thing is that it internally even ready to pay compensation to the families of the victims, like [Libyan dictator] Muammar Gaddafi paid to the victims of the terrorist attack in Lockerbie. But – assuming that Russia had nothing to blame never will. It will be a gesture of goodwill, not a consequence of a judicial decision” – suggests the expert.

On 21 December 1988 in the sky over the town of Lockerbie (Scotland), an explosion occurred on Board the Boeing 747 of Pan American airlines, flying from Frankfurt am main – Detroit. On Board were 259 people, they all died, the victims of the attack were also 11 people on the ground. The investigation revealed that the bomb was in the Luggage compartment liner. It was hidden in a cassette receiver, which was lying in her suitcase. In 1991 in the case was charged two Libyans, in particular the employee of the Libyan intelligence services to Abdelbaset Megrahi. After lengthy negotiations and sanctions Gaddafi in 1999 he agreed to hand over suspects to participate in trial. One suspect, the court acquitted and al-Megrahi was in 2001 sentenced to life imprisonment. In eight years, the Libyan was released for health reasons (he was diagnosed with cancer), in 2012 he died. Megrahi called themselves innocent, and Gaddafi in 2003 took responsibility for the bombing and paid compensation to the families of the victims, although he maintained that he had not given the order to attack. According to The Guardian, Libya agreed to pay $10 million to each family of the victims (total amount paid was approximately $2.7 billion).