Russian quantum computer is threatened by funding cuts

Российскому квантовому компьютеру грозит сокращение финансирования

Quantum future of Russia under threat. Rosatom could face a reduction of project financing domestic quantum computer. This was reported by a number of sources, including “Vedomosti”. At least we are talking about reducing by 50% the funding for the project in 2020.

Previously, we reported that late last year announced plans to create by 2024, the Russian 100-kubicova quantum computer. Thus, Russia would be able to reduce and even eliminate the gap between the advanced countries in the field of creation of quantum systems, which is observed today. The estimated cost of development reaches 23 bln rubles, while taking into account the related costs would require at least twice the amount of investment.

The intention to reduce investments in the development of a quantum computer “Rosatom” became known from the message of the state Corporation that was a reaction to the alleged counter-offer of the Ministry of communications of sequestration (reduction of budget). If you believe the reports, the Ministry of communications has sent a proposal of ANO “Digital economy” to reduce and reallocate the Federal budget in 2020. From this budget the cost of 8.1 billion on quantum computing was planned to be spent 5.72 billion rubles, in particular, to 4.7 billion rubles for the purchase of equipment.

If funds are not allocated in full, the objectives of the project? to create by 2024 domestic 100-kubicova quantum computer? will not be achieved. Part of the funds for the project will be provided by “Rosatom”, but 13.3 billion rubles out of a planned 24 billion will have to come from the budget.

According to the project, the development of quantum computers deals VNIIA them. N. L. Dukhova. On the creation of qubits? computational elements of the quantum system? work at MSU, MIPT, MISIS, REC FMN MGTU im. N. E. Bauman, FIAN, the Russian quantum center and several academic institutions. Underfunding of the project hurt by these developments.