Russian scientists have discovered how old age affects recovery kidney

Biologists managed to find out how to prevent kidney disease and to identify the necessary drugs.

Российские ученые выяснили, как старость влияет на восстановление почек

Russian scientists from Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov have found that aging primarily affects the recovery of the kidneys and other internal organs. In the experiment, we young and old rats, biologists have learned that the old body harder to tolerate failures in the blood supply to internal organs, particularly the kidneys. It turned out that the mitochondria, which in their structure have their own DNA, over time, cease to be sufficiently powerful energy centers for the correct functioning of cells, which causes diseases such as Alzheimer’s or diabetes. Previously it was thought that these deviations are caused by mitochondrial mutations. it is almost impossible to prevent. Due to the aging of the body more difficult to bring the damaged mitochondria from the internal environment, and because of failures in the blood supply to the kidney cells massively die and cease to function, causing kidney failure. That is, drugs that help excrete decaying mitochondria will be the main way to combat kidney diseases.Also a huge study of the epithelial component of the kidney was conducted by researchers from the Institute, Wellcome-Sanger, Cambridge. They found that the malignant cells are specific versions of the healthy pair organ of the urogenital system and is able to turn the idea of the treatment of kidney cancer and all of the internal organ.

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