Russian scientists have proposed to destroy the cancer cells with cold plasma

Российские ученые предложили уничтожать раковые клетки холодной плазмой

As a new cancer treatment Russian scientists have proposed to combine chemotherapy with the use of cold plasma.

The authors of a new therapeutic methodology designed to destroy cancer cells, are the specialists of the Institute of General physics named after Prokhorov and research medical University named after Pirogov. A feature of their project is that to combat onkokletok involved cold plasma consisting of partially ionized gas containing active radicals. Before that, in scientific experiments, the application of cold plasma has proven its effectiveness in accelerating wound healing and sterilization. In the new study, Russian scientists have proposed to combine the cold plasma with chemotherapy drugs.

The method was tested by scientists in experiments on cells. With it, researchers were able to destroy more than 20 types of cancer cells. Experts have stated that they intend to reduce the overall toxicity of chemotherapy and to make an impact on cancer cells more accurate.

“Some forms of oncological diseases can be treated using a portable device that generates plasma. One of the methods of influence on deeply located tumor can be plasma treatment of the liquid introduced into the body of the patient,” – said the Russian experts.

Testing a new method on living organisms is planned to be completed in 2021.