Russian singer Vlad Topalov got in an accident: unexpected details

Российский певец Влад Топалов попал в ДТП: неожиданные детали

Artist from Russia Vlad Topalov, who has spoken in the occupied Eastern Ukraine, caught in a traffic accident. No one was hurt – damaged cars. The details of the situation, the contractor decided to share yourself on his page in Instagram.

It is known that after Sunday worship, the singer was in a hurry to the airport “Sheremetyevo” in Moscow to meet with his wife Regina Todorenko and son Michael, when he hit a pensioner. According to Vlad, the traffic rules were not violated, so neither he nor the old man not to blame, since the latter is roughly cut in front of another driver. The accident did not blame each other, so the conflict was settled peacefully and without scandal.

The Lord tests us. Always… I take everything with a calm soul and the firm conviction that in all his will. However, I’m upset. Sad and mood… would Rather have a small “dumpling” with my mom to see him and hug. Have a good day. PM. Happy holidays. Take care of each other and careful on the roads. And my current colleague by misfortune I shake his hand and hug him
– shared the story in social networks Russian artist.

Now local law enforcement agencies establish all the details and causes of the accident.

What is known about Vlad Topalov and Regina Todorenko?
Popular TV presenter Regina todorenko and singer Vlad Topalov legalized their relationship in October 2018, and became aware of this public in December. As you know, the wedding ceremony was held only with the closest friends and family. A few months ago the couple had a son, the first photos of which can already be seen in the social networks of young parents.