Russian Skoda Octavia withdraw due to problems with the belts

Российские Skoda Octavia отзывают из-за проблем с ремнями

Repair send 73 new Octavia.

Czech company Skoda announced about the service campaign in Russia, which affects 73 model instance Octavia, released in 2020.

The car found a problem with rear seat belts: dual lock was not strong enough in bending.

Because of the factory defect the belts may lose holding power.

Dealers would inform owners of problem Octavia by phone or email. In the service centers Skoda cars for free change dual lock rear seat belts.

A list of VIN numbers of cars that came under a review, published Thursday on the official website of Rosstandart.

Last time Skoda has recalled the cars in Russia in March, then the service sent 5742 car Superb second generation. The flagship has detected a problem with the turn signals.