Russian snipers are taught to shoot down drones

Российских снайперов научили сбивать дроны

The commander of the 35th red banner combined arms army Sergey Chebotarev told about modified guidelines for the preparation of snipers, reports Telegram-channel “Defense”.

According to him, now snipers emphasis in training is on the suddenness, and the target becomes more difficult. The new principles are based on the analysis of the experience of modern wars and armed conflicts.

“In the complicated conditions perform firing of the snipers. To perform these exercises are used halved breast of a target at maximum range, display coins, simulating optical devices “enemy”, and introduced flying target simulating a small reconnaissance UAV”. Shooting is done in both simple and difficult weather conditions with organic weapons SVD sniper asvk complex”, – said Lieutenant General.

On may 21, wrote Ruposters, the company ZALA Aero (concern “Kalashnikov”) introduced a new Russian unmanned model 421-16EV HD. It is planned that it will be used for defense purposes.