Russian Soyuz spacecraft will fly to ISS: details

Российские корабли "Союз" не будут летать к МКС: детали

The European space Agency (ESA) will temporarily stop flying its astronauts on Russian vehicles to the ISS. The ESA is the solution to explain the contractual relations of the European space Agency at NASA for work on the ISS.

The decision was announced by the head of mission of the ESA in Russia Rene Pishel during a speech at the Eurasian aerospace Congress, reports TASS.

Unfortunately, the launch of Luke Parmitano was the last of the “Soyuz” (Russian manned spacecraft – note by TASS). In the coming years, our astronauts will fly on American ships, stressed Pixel.

When will flights resume? An ESA spokesperson could not say when the Agency will be able to resume flights of its astronauts to the station on Russian ships, explaining that this issue is being discussed with the ISS partners.

The last flight of a Soyuz to the ISS. Note, Luca Parmitano went to the ISS along with Russian cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov and NASA astronaut Andrew Morgan from the Baikonur cosmodrome aboard the “Soyuz MS-13” on 20 July 2019.

What ships will fly to the ISS? Since 2011 to the International space station with manned ships only fly the Russian Soyuz spacecraft. They provide Russian, American and other members of the ISS crew. In USA new spacecraft for manned missions develop the company SpaceX and Boeing.

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