Russian space telescope have created a map of the entire stellar sky

Российский космический телескоп создал карту всего звездного неба

Sky map was produced by the German ROSAT Observatory 30 years ago. Since it is significantly outdated and has a number of limitations. After six months spent in orbit, the Russian space telescope ART-XC Observatory “Spektr-RG” has created a new map of the sky, which has high accuracy and high angular resolution.

According to the researchers, the uniqueness of the event lies in the fact that the angular resolution of the resulting map of review – less than one arc minute. Previously, the map of the entire sky comparable definition were available only in the soft x-rays (at energies below 2 Kev). At the same time in the hard x-rays existed only cards with a much worse angular resolution is of the order of degrees of the arc.

On the picture you can see all events in the energy range of 4-12 Kev, registered by the telescope ART-XC and moved onto the celestial sphere. According to scientists, to replace a large-scale map that shows only the main features of the relief, comes small-scale topographical map of the Universe in hard x-rays.

“It became possible not only due to the scanning strategy of the observation, realized at the Observatory of the AWG, but the fact that the instrument ART-XC is the first wide angle (field of view is 36 arc minutes) reflecting telescope operating in the hard x-ray range,” – said Deputy head of the project “Spektr-RG” Michael Pavlinsky.

The established Russian telescope ART-XC a number of scholars call unique. “Spektr-RG” in turn, the first national Observatory, working in the neighborhood of the Lagrange point L2, at a distance of about one and a half million kilometers from Earth.

Analysis of the resulting maps has not been completed. You need to allocate it separate x-ray sources and to study their nature. Observations telescope ART-XC continues in the next 3.5 years review of the entire sky will be repeated 7 more times. This will add “depth” to the already achieved-definition x-ray map.

Российский космический телескоп создал карту всего звездного неба