Russian special services tried to recruit a resident of Khmelnitsky region – SBU

Спецслужбы РФ пытались завербовать жительницу Хмельницкой области - СБУ

The Russian security services tried to recruit a resident of Khmelnitsky region. This was reported by the press center of the security Service of Ukraine on September 19.

“Representatives of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation at the checkpoint “Stanitsa Lugansk” without explanation detained the inhabitant of Hmelnitsky area, which was returning from visiting relatives temporarily occupied territory of Luhansk region. Moreover, the representatives of foreign intelligence services through blackmail and threats, tried to persuade the woman to tacit cooperation. She was required to gather information, in particular on the deployment of military facilities in the region”, – reported in SBU.

The woman on returning to government-controlled territory of Ukraine testified the SBU.

Given the fact that she did not perform the tasks of foreign intelligence agencies and voluntarily reported to the Ukrainian law enforcement officers about the recruitment attempt, the court exempted her from criminal liability.

In a video released by the SBU, the woman said that after the detention at the checkpoint was taken in Lugansk, where she was “under pressure” written “signature document”. Also there made a copy of her passport.

“The document I signed on the agreement on cooperation with Russia that going to get any information they need. Through the time I was released, I returned to the KPVV to go to the city. I was told when I come to town, to call them. I was given a phone number. Wrote to me, threatening that you don’t forget, you cooperate with us, you signed a document. This week I arrived, I didn’t write, didn’t call-back, I realized what happened to me and turned to the SBU,” she said.