Russian star football player was in the middle of a family scandal

Звездный российский футболист попал в эпицентр семейного скандала

Alice Arshavin, who is the wife of ex-striker “Zenith”, “Arsenal” and Russian national team Andrey Arshavin gave the player a statement to the police.

According to telegrams channel Mash, Alice accuses ex-footballer of the Russian team that he took from her car the Mercedes GL 350 and demanded to return the money that had given her earlier. Otherwise, Arshavin has promised to send his wife to jail.

The source said that Alice Arshavin offers audio recordings of phone threats, intimidation, prison and criminal articles.

Earlier it became known that Arshavin was divorced from Alice. However, the official divorce was not yet. The couple have a daughter together.

Andrei Arshavin in structure “Zenith” three times became the champion of Russia, won the Cup and super Cup and also the Cup and the UEFA super Cup.

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